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Multi-cloud & Integration Compliant with existing infrastructures and the majority of Cloud providers (Scaleway, AWS, OVH).

The product is accessible via an API for a better integration with your Information System.
Simplification & Increase productivity Make the administration of Linux infrastructures simpler by guaranteeing a homogeneity of the deployed solutions.

Check compliance with a certain number of IT security rules and best practices.
Higher security A PCI-DSS compliant solution.

A solution hosted in France.

A solution that guarantees your data, encrypted and accessible only by our teams.
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What is your vision?

The solution was born from the observation that administrators and IT specialists spend a large part of their time performing repetitive actions with low added value for your company.

Our solution allows you to increase the value of the tasks performed by the information system teams, by focusing their time on the design and administration of business-oriented Infrastructures.

What does your solution do?

Our solution centralizes and simplifies in a few clicks the deployment and administration of your :

  • Servers
  • Services
  • Roles
  • Groups and Users

How does your solution work technically?

The solution is based on two components:

  • the manager (administration web interface)
  • the API

These two components drive Regions present on your Infrastructure, which function as an agent interfacing our API and your Infrastructure.

You can deploy one or more Regions that can host one or more servers.

To guarantee security, all Regions are partitioned between them.

What are my possibilities with the first server offered?

Your first server will have the function of Region. However, it can be managed like all the other servers in your Infrastructure.

There is no limitation of functionalities or services on your first managed server.

Can I still manage my Infrastructure independently of your solution?

Yes, our solution is independent. You can always manage your information system in parallel with your other administration tools.

Does your solution require administrator access to my servers?

Yes, only at the first connection for the deployment of the Region. After the deployment, all the actions you will perform will be done without administrator connection to your servers.